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TG Properties – Wire Fishing

I was contacted by Stephen at TG Properties in early January after he had installed newly purchased coin meters from another supplier. The story he relayed was one of shock and disbelief after he told me the meters in question was leaving him vastly in arrears after receiving his tenant’s electricity bills.

Steve says “I went completely numb after opening my electricity bill, I had spent a large amount of money on the fitting of these coin meters, only to find out that pretty much any coin was being accepted along with an ex-tenant telling me that a coin taped to wire can be pulled in and out, thus adding money for free. It was unbelievable how these products can be sold into the market place when they are not fit for purpose. JW SmartMeters explained that the new Emlite coin meter is a far superior product and with its electronic coin acceptor is calibrated to only accept the coins it’s intended to take.

After some internet research I found that the wire trick is widely known by coin meter users. It apparently has its own term aptly known as ‘fishing’. Fortunately, this isn’t possible on the Emlite coin meters with their sophisticated coin mechanism.  TG Properties have removed all the coin meters manufactured by the other supplier and have replaced them with Emlite coin meters.

Landlords be careful – I’m now covering my electricity bills!  I could have been £1000’s of pounds out of pocket if I’d not checked my bills and received some advice from JW SmartMeters – thank you James for telling me how it is and supplying me the right product.”

Stephen Pimblett
T G Properties Ltd