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SDM120-Series MID Single Phase Digital kWh Meter (45A Direct Connected – Pulsed & Modbus Output)

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SDM120-Modbus-MID Certified Meter

  • SDM120-Modbus (Modbus & Pulsed Output)
  • MID Approved
  • Class 1.0 Accuracy
  • 45A Direct Connected / Single Phase
  • 2 Pulse Output
  • 3 Mode measruements
  • 12 Electrical Parameters
  • 17.5 mm width 1 Module

SDM120 Modbus is an advanced single phase energy monitoring solution with built-in configuration push button and a LCD data display, this product was designed particularly for energy management, data analysis and  for cost allocation. Housing for DIN-rail mounting, IP51 protection degree, direct connection up to max 45A. Moreover the meter can be provided with a pulses output proportional to the active energy being measured and a RS485 output port for remote monitoring. It is an ideal choice as a sub-meter for AMR system or SCADA based system

This series has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of EC Directive 2004/22/EC.
The EC Type Examination Certificate Number is 0120/SGS0141.


SDM120 Series v1 Datasheet 1 – Click to download




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