SDM120CT-MBUS-MID Approved Single Phase Meter with T24 Current Transformer (CT)

Din rail mounted single phase Multifunction Power Meter, complete with a T24 100-5Amp split core current transformer (CT) operated, MBUS & Pulsed Output (MID)

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PLEASE NOTE – This product only works with the T24 miniature split core current transformer which can be seen here.

The SDM120CTM Digital Power Meter works in conjunction with a 100mA Current Transformer.

This meter has been MID B&D Certified by SGS UK, proving both its accuracy and quality. This certification allows this model to be used for any sub-billing applications.

Unlike other alternatives, this meter is housed in a 1 Module DIN rail case, meaning it takes up very little space.

The SR XCTM measures Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Factor, Max Demand Power, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Total Active Energy, Import Active Energy and Export Active Energy

  • SDM120CT-MID
  • Single Phase  MID Multifunction Power Meter
  • 1 DIN Module
  • 5A CT Operated
  • Multifunction Parameters
  • MBUS & Pulsed Output


SDM120CT Series Datasheet – Click to download


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