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Elvaco Metering Gateway – MeterOnline compatible

MeterOnline compatible Elvaco Metering Gateway data logger

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Elvaco Metering Gateway MeterOnline.co.uk compatible data logger.

Connect and read up to 8 M-bus meters remotely via MeterOnline, or up to 128 meters by using additional M-Bus master units. Links to MeterOnline via the mobile phone network.

How do smart meters work via Meteronline?

Smart Meters can be read remotely via a  modem and sim card fitted within the meter . These meters are similar to a normal meter and can be fitted by an electrical contractor. The meters use the mobile phone network to communicate readings within encoded messages, MeterOnline decodes these secure messages and presents the meter readings to its customers. The smart meters are MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) compliant ensuring they are approved for billing and renewables generation purposes.  www.meteronline.co.uk


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