Siemens 800 Card Meter Cards – 1000 pack

Siemens 800 Card Meter Cards in 1, 20 and 50 values – in packs of 1000
Secure and unique coded electricity cards and calibration accessories, for pre-payment meters, are for sale to electricity meter owners only (eg Landlords and Letting Agents). Security checks will be carried out and proof of ownership requested for new customers. No refund will be given if attempted purchase is made by Tenants.

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Landlord Government Eco Funding Scheme

Calling all landlords do you know your property might be entitled to free Heating and Insulation on the Government Eco Funding Scheme (subject to status and survey) to find out more please tick below and we will send you more information by email.


Siemens 800 Card Meter Cards in 1, 20 and 50 values – in packs of 1000

Have you considered upgrading your metering system to our NEW topup prepayment meter?

Reasons to consider upgrading:

  • Tokenless prepayment with remote top ups.
  • Online top ups from anywhere in the world
  • Optional Emergency credit feature
  • Manual top up supported for emergency situations
  • All operational charges are recovered from the tenant
  • GPRS Communications with Network roaming SIM
  • Tariff pricing, Time-of–Use and Block Tariffs
  • In home display option (IHD)
  • Measurement Instrument Directive (MiD) approved.
  • Supports dual fuel applications with optional Gas sender

What are the advantages of the TOPUPMETERS system?

For landlords:

  • Payments received instantly when a tenant adds credit to their meter.
  • No need to engage with tenants in the event of a failed top-up as codes can be manually entered at the meter
  • Online monitoring to keep track of energy consumption and billing history.
  • No vendor equipment needed, everything is web based.
  • Low running costs
  • Annualised costs can be recovered from the tenant via standing charges – No cost to Landlord.

For tenants:

  • Top-ups are made with credit or debit cards, no more finding the right change!
  • Send credit to the meter anytime and from anywhere in the world!
  • Manual entry from the meter interface in the event of failed remote top-up.
  • With the optional in-home display you have a convenient way of keeping track of energy usage and see when credit is running low

Who can use topupmeters?

The TOPUPMETERS service is designed for landlords and property managers who require their tenants or licensees to pay for their energy consumption on a prepayment basis. For example landlords that rent property with their own electricity and gas supply. Or an apartment block with multiple dwellings where each of the tenants pays for their own electricity and gas usage.

How do owners get paid from top-ups?

The TOPUPMETERS service uses Stripe to handle card payments. All landlords / property owners can either set up a merchant account with Stripe or can provide their bank details to receive monthly settlements.

How the top is up sent to the meter?

All TOPUPMETERS have a GPRS module with a network resilient SIM card that will scan for the strongest available network operator. This provides a reliable link to the meter for sending credit top-ups.

What happens if where I fit my meter I get a poor mobile signal?

In the top up meters we use network roaming sims so although the person might not have a good reception on their phone it doesn’t mean our meters will be the same. As long as the reception is good for either Vodafone, O2 or EE then it shouldn’t be a problem. In the extreme scenario that all networks are poor then we can swap the unit for an external antenna version. This will add around £20 – £25 inclusive of an 5M Ariel on a cable that will need to be mounted outside the property.

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