Emlite MID-Approved Single Phase Prepayment Token Timer Meter (100A Direct Connect)

This version of the Emlite Prepayment coin meter works with tokens only and will not accept coins.

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What is a prepayment meter?

prepayment meter is a special type of energy meter that can be installed in domestic properties. With a prepayment, or ‘pay as you go’ tariff, you pay for your energy before you use it.

What is the difference between prepayment meters and the timer version?

Prepayment is when the meter is set to a chargeable rate ( pence per kWh ) and the amount on the display reduces when electricity is used . Example , if the meter was set to 10 pence per kWh and £1.00 was put into the meter , then after that a kWh has been used ,  the display would read 90p etc….

Timer version , works on time not electricity . These are used for showers, washing machines , snooker lights etc. The meter is set to allow a certain time per coin and then once the coin is inserted , the time is displayed on the meter and counts down to Zero and then will cut off.

Basically, Prepayment works off electricity and Timer works off time.

Can the wire trick known as ‘fishing’, work on the Emlite coin meters?

No, this isn’t possible on the Emlite products. These coin meters are a far superior product and with its electronic coin acceptor will not allow coins to be brought back out.

This version of the Emlite Prepayment coin meter works with tokens only and will not accept coins. A token value is set to a specific period of time, once the token has been accepted, the time will count down whether electricity is used or not.

The emlite coin prepayment meter provides a compact and easy to use solution for many prepaid metering applications. Fully approved in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), this highly functional meter may be used for resale of electricity or services.

Ideal for landlords, housing associating and holiday lets this fully new coin prepayment meter is one of the worlds most compact and easy to use.

Being MID approved this new meter meets all relevant OFGEM and EU legislation in relation to the resale of electricity.

In electricity prepayment mode the meter provides options for one or two tariff operation, separately programmable standing charge and debt collection facilities. In timer mode the operation can be programmed in 1 minute intervals to a maximum of 99hrs 99 minutes making it ideal for timer controlled services. A fully electronic validator is used for coin acceptance ensuring no loss of revenue through the use of foreign or fake coins. The validator can also be factory programmed for use with various tokens where a higher risk of theft is present.

High quality solid brass cable terminals are used allowing 100 Amp operation and to aid electrical installation.


3 Emlite EML P Datasheet

MID Certificate

SGS0083 EMLite EMx1 Issue 10


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