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Emlite In House Display unit

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Emlite In House Display unit – more details coming soon

How does the In House Display (IHD) Unit work with the top up meters?

The IHD can be plugged into any standard 13 amp socket in the home and can be moved from room to room as the customer desires. It receives its data from the meter via radio which is updated every few seconds to display the current meter data.  The IHD is paired with a customers specific meter so there is no risk of bad data if several meters are close together.

How far can the In house display unit be from the top up meter?

The range is very dependent on what is physically between the two products.
In free space the range typically 100m+, however we state 1 to 30m indoors (dependant on construction and local conditions).
In a standard brick built house the IHU normally has no problems 2-3 rooms away from the meter.
The signal strength is shown in the top right hand corner of the IHU, and can be used on installation to determine the best location for the IHU.

How do I sync the top up meters with the IHD?

For Top-Up meters the binding pin is 205 226

This need to be entered into the meter before the ‘Bind IHU’ command will be initiated.  If the binding pin is wrong the meter will display ‘Incorrect code’ message.”

Topupmeters Registration

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