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Aquamotion Woltman Water Meter

Woltman Water Meter by Aquamotion

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Aquamotion Woltman water meter

Product Description

  • Cold (30ºC) – WRAS Approved and MID R80
  • as per 2004/22/EC
  • Hot (90ºC) – ISO4064 Class B
  • Dry dial
  • Available with pulse output
  • Suitable up to 16 Bar working pressure

Remotely reading various meters for billing or pre-payment

Remotely reading gas and water meters for pre-payment & billing using the Emlite Smart Meters listed above and PMM1280 gas/water sender and MeterOnline.co.uk

Remotely reading various Mbus meters on MeterOnline.co.uk

Remotely reading M-bus electricity, heat, gas and water meters on MeterOnline using the Elvaco CMe2100 Mbus Gateway.

Datasheet & Installation Guide

Aquamotion Woltmann Data Sheet and Installation Guidelines – click to download


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