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Posted: 21st December 2019

The new low cost and modern way of managing your tenants energy requirements. No more coins or tokens – Online token-less topups with energy purchased online and transferred to the meter.


Posted: 22nd January 2019

We supply easy to install, high quality smart meters that can be read from wherever you are in the world on PC, tablet or mobile phone by using MeterOnline.co.uk it’s simple to collect and monitor meter readings and take the hassle away from creating reports and bills.

Remotely reading various Mbus meters on MeterOnline.co.uk

Posted: 21st July 2018

Remotely reading M-bus electricity, heat, gas and water meters on MeterOnline using the Elvaco CMe2100 Mbus Gateway.

Remotely reading various meters for billing or pre-payment

Posted: 21st July 2018

Remotely reading gas and water meters for pre-payment & billing using the Emlite Smart Meters listed above and PMM1280 gas/water sender and MeterOnline.co.uk

Emlite prepayment meter card recharging software

Posted: 22nd April 2018

Learn how to use the prepayment meter card recharging software using our video.

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